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Texas cosmetology exam

If you're considering a cosmetology career in Texas, you'll be happy to know that you have lots of choices.   Some of the most gifted Texans are licensed cosmetologists.  Perhaps you have found your niche.  So the next step is passing your Texas cosmetology test.  The thought of this can definitely give people pause, and has actually paused some to a standstill.  But whether you experience test anxiety or a lack of confidence, preparation is the solution.  And Salon PrepTM can give you just the confidence you need.  Our comprehensive program features animated study guides with full audio, hundreds of practice questions, and simulated final exams. In fact, Salon Prep is so good, we actually guarantee you'll pass your Texas cosmetology exam.

More About Salon Prep 

Salon Prep offers future cosmetology professionals the skills and tools they need to pass their state’s written cosmetology exam. Developed by e-learning experts and professional cosmetologists, Salon Prep reinforces what you learn in the classroom in a fun and easy way. With Salon Prep, you have the chance to study for your exam in the convenience, privacy, and comfort of your own and on your own time. We back Salon Prep with a guarantee that you will pass your state’s cosmetology written exam.

Salon Prep Features:

• Comprehensive study guides that go over the key subjects of the profession from nail care to hair care
• Narrated lessons that support learners of all different styles
• Sample questions that focus on the major topics of the profession
• Helpful feedback that will steer you in the right direction
• A robust learning management system that monitors your progress
• In-depth practice exams that give you the chance to test what you know
• The best tips for taking and passing your exam

More About the Texas Cosmetology Exam

In the state of Texas, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the regulatory body charged with the responsibility of upholding the ethical and professional standards of the cosmetology profession.

If you are a cosmetology student in Texas, your school will send your course hours of the Operators education to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. You can become eligible to take your written exam at 1,000 hours and your practical exam at 1,500 hours.

Texas has partnered with PSI to administer both the written and practical exams. You will first need to pass the written exam before you take the practical exam. The written exam fee is $55.  The passing score is 70 percent.

The written exam is administered on a computer, and you have two hours to complete the exam. The written exam consists of 100 questions that cover a variety of topics. These topics include the following: sanitation, disinfection, and safety; shampooing and conditioning hair; haircutting and hair styling; braids and braid extensions; chemical texture services; haircoloring; skin care; nail care; licensing and regulation. It is highly recommended that you work with your school to prepare for the licensing and regulation section.

For the most current information about the Texas Cosmetology exam, please visit:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Texas Test Taker Services

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