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Connecticut Cosmetology Exam

Connecticut cosmetology exam

You're interested in a career in cosmetology in Connecticut.  Good for you!  In order for your dream to become reality, your gifts and passions must be followed by a vision for your future.  In order to propel that vision into reality, action is required.  And action includes passing the Connecticut Cosmetology Exam.  Do I smell burning brakes?  Don't stop!  Once you cross this bridge, there will be many career avenues for you to choose from within cosmetology.  The bridge is the Connecticut Cosmetology Exam, and Salon PrepTM can help you cross it.  Our comprehensive program features animated study guides with full audio, hundreds of practice questions, and simulated final exams. In fact, Salon Prep is so good, we actually guarantee passage of your Connecticut Cosmetology test.  Don't stall out.  Cross the bridge to your dream.

More About Salon Prep 

Salon Prep was designed for you to reach your dreams of becoming a cosmetologist. With its user-friendly platform, attention-grabbing graphics, and full audio narration, Salon Prep gives you the tools, confidence, and knowledge to be on a path to success. Created by cosmetologists for aspiring cosmetologists, Salon Prep is here for you. In fact, we guarantee you will pass your written cosmetology exam.

Salon Prep Includes: 

  • Study Guides divided by major concepts
  • Full audio narration for study guides to support learners of all different styles
  • Hundreds of sample questions that focus on the major concepts
  • Helpful remediation so you understand why a question is right or wrong
  • Robust Learning Management System (LMS) to monitor your progress 
  • Timed practice exams to prepare you for the real thing
  • Tips on taking the exam

More About the Connecticut Cosmetology Exam

The Cosmetology profession is an exciting and growing field that offers aspiring cosmetologists like you countless opportunities to grow. In the State of Connecticut, the Connecticut State Board for Barbers and Hairdressers is responsible for maintaining the professionalism of the industry. The Connecticut State Board for Barbers and Hairdressers has partnered with Prometric, Inc. to administer their written exam.

In order to receive a cosmetology license, you will need to successfully complete 1,500 hours education in an approved school, complete at least an 8th grade education or the appropriate equivalent, and pass the written exam.

To take the written exam, you will register with Prometric and submit a $60 fee. In 2011, students in Connecticut have seven dates to choose from to take the exam. The exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions that cover a wide variety of topics, including general concepts, applied anatomy, physical services, chemical services, and hair styling and shaping.

You must score at least 70 percent in order to pass the written exam. Within 10 days, you will be notified of your score. Students who pass the exam will then be asked to submit the license application to the Connecticut Department of Public Health for approval.

If you're ready to propel your dream into reality, you're ready for Salon Prep. For the most up-to-date information about the Connecticut exam, please visit the following websites:

Connecticut State Board for Barbers and Hairdressers

Connecticut Cosmetology Test Taker's Information

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