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Ace Your Alabama Cosmetology Exam

Alabama cosmetology exam

Your desire is for a career in cosmetology in Alabama.  Great!  You'll first need to pass the Alabama Cosmetology Board exam.  And for some people, the mere mention of the word "test" or "exam" stirs up belly butterflies.  Whether you're experiencing a lack of confidence or test anxiety, there's no need to let it keep you from reaching your goal.  Alabama has may careers in cosmetology to choose from, and after you pass your exam, you'll be on the road to your future!  And Salon PrepTM can help pave the way.  With animated study guides and full audio, hundreds of practice questions, and simulated final exams, our comprehensive program will equip you with the confidence you'll need.  In fact, we are so sure of the success you'll have with Salon Prep, we actually guarantee that you'll pass your Alabama Cosmetology exam.   

More About Salon Prep 

Salon Prep was designed to help you pass your state's cosmetology exam, which is often administered by the State Board of Cosmetology.  This system was developed by cosmetologists, exclusively for aspiring cosmetologists. Salon Prep Includes: 

  • Comprehensive Study Guides divided by subject (Hair Care, Nail Care, and Skin Care)
  • Full audio narration for study guides to aid all learning styles
  • Hundreds of sample questions covering all main subjects and subtopics
  • Helpful remediation so you understand why a question is right or wrong
  • Robust Learning Management System (LMS) to track your progress
  • Timed final exams to practice before the real exam
  • Useful tips to prepare for test day 

About the Alabama Cosmetology Exam 

To get the most out of your experience in Salon Prep, it’s important for you to be familiar with the Alabama Cosmetology Exam.

In the State of Alabama, the Alabama Board of Cosmetology has full authority to license practicing cosmetologists. The Alabama Board of Cosmetology has partnered with PSI Services, LLC to administer its written examinations. It is important to remember that you must pass the written examination before taking the practical examination. In Alabama, a passing score on the written examination is 70.

Before taking the written exam, you need to apply with the Alabama Board of Cosmetology. The application fee is $75. After applying with the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and receiving a work permit, you should contact PSI, either online or by phone, to schedule a time to take your exam. If you decide you need to cancel your examination, you need reschedule two days before the your appointment in order to not give up your fee.

You can take the written cosmetology exam in four locations in Alabama, including Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and Montgomery. It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes at your testing location before the exam. You will be taking your written exam on a computer, and you will have 90 minutes to take it. Remember, a passing score is 70. If you fail your exam, you will have to pay $75 and receive permission to take the exam again. 

To learn more about the exam and to receive the most current information, please visit the following websites: 

Alabama Board of Cosmetology

Alabama Cosmetology Test Taker Information

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